I get it, I quit. Haha :: ismvisualstudio.net

I have a moderate number of friends, but I don’t often meet them, I really want to read the book I want to read in my free time so I meet them sometimes. But I definitely help them with things I can take care of or help them with. I remember my friends’ birthdays and take good care of them. Then we won’t cut off friends. Now that I have some financial resources, I want to spend a lot of money on good things for my friends who want me to spend my life with them. Even if we don’t meet often, I have to take care of them first to help them. It’s not that the writer had a problem, it’s that he didn’t know. Even now, please help and take care of people first. I don’t want to spend all of my time because time is more important than money. But if I give it to you first, the other person will keep you from the bottom of his heart. But as long as I get it, I quit. Haha