She’s in her mid-thirties. ::

She’s in her mid-thirties. Do you need a friend whom you know deeply and meet often? Since we meet every day in school and eat, we can’t help but have friends. Since we spend more time at school than at home, it’s natural to worry if we don’t have friends, but once we become adults, there’s no problem at all. I know deeply and I don’t have any friends whom I meet often or contact every day. I have quite a few friends myself, but I get in touch often… I don’t. If you call me from time to time, I’ll see you then. Everyone’s busy. Why do you think you didn’t do anything on the weekend because you didn’t have friends? I’ve never thought about it when I didn’t have a boyfriend. If there’s anything I want to do, I can do it. During my five years at work, I haven’t had a boyfriend for three years, and it was good to stay at home, go to Chinese and guitar academies, and I was so busy memorizing words and practicing guitar on weekends; it’s not a problem to have no friends. The first problem is that you’re so conscious of the people around you. Do you think I’m proud of being a friend? Second, you think so, but you don’t seem very motivated. Of course, even if she’s having a hard time, it’s not her fault that she doesn’t have friends.