she’s not usually a mother-in-law. ::

There’s a hat like this in my mom’s cathedral. I’m a flower arrangement man with my mom. She lives alone. She’s 40 years old. It’s a big car company. I’m an engine engineer at the lab. I’m a very high-paying doctor. She’s tall. She’s not good at character. But she’s looking for a daughter-in-law in her 20s at the cathedral. She says she needs to be young to see her grandchildren soon, but she just doesn’t like an old woman who’s brain-wandering. Honestly, is a woman in her 20s crazy? Why would she go to such a place? If you ask her to send your son before he gets older, she thinks he’s got a big head on him, but she doesn’t know what the guy’s going to do when he gets married. These days, she doesn’t think she should be worse than her son because she’s not usually a mother-in-law.