Can you handle it? ::

Estimation: If the family fails in business, there is a high possibility that there will be debt creditors due to a credit loan. So she can’t get a proper job or get a house. apart from having no moneyI’m glad you’re doing it alone. If you’re living as a Sheudo because you’re afraid your creditors will find you, so the man doesn’t have the low salary, the money he’s saving to pay off his urgent debts, and your mother shouldn’t use her name, so you might even have to put her under the name of her son’s name.You may also need to borrow your name from your credit card to various cultural activities. Literally, mother-in-law lives like a shadow. Under these circumstances, it is the type of sociopath that is often mentioned in the news or the feeling of inferiority. There’s a great possibility that he’ll be a scary man hiding his reward psychology and waiting only after getting married and pregnant. Besides, can’t you just let your boyfriend mother live on her own, let alone make a sacrifice?I think it’s a stupid idea, but it won’t end there for me to build a house. You can just think of it as a two-person support, plus a mother giving birth to a child. I’m using your name’s yours. Can you handle it?