because they’re not wrong. ::

The reason I’m talking so long is because when a couple like this gets married, they always crash into the financial world. But these days, most parents invest and teach their sons and daughters. That’s why parents can’t get married easily, and I’m going to live watching a fool leave his parents and give money to the wrong person’s kid because he’s married, and his family is flirting with him. That’s why it’s good to meet similarly. These days, women pay for their living, and the rest of them don’t touch their husbands. If you don’t understand the structure, you’re going to be in trouble for months, and your child’s parenting is unacceptable to your spouse. I don’t know if it’s too tight for you two, but in the case of Sunny, she doesn’t have much to say about money. She’s got the same amount of money saved. Money is power. And the most ambiguous thing is the case of Sunny. I wouldn’t say why as a mother-in-law wouldn’t let me spend my son’s money and let the daughter of someone else’ A woman who looks like her son or a better daughter-in-law doesn’t even think about it, but if you think she’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who That’s why I’m telling you not to go if you’re paid enough for a woman. They all have the same human mothers, so they clash with their daughter-in-law, their mother-in-law, their parents-in-law, because they’re not wrong.