To be honest ::

To be honest, if you’re not a selfish person who says that you’re going to do what you want with your salary difference, it’s not all of them, but I’m going to do what I want to do with my money. Yes. If you’re a man with that much personality, you’ll only have to raise money sincerely from now on. If possible, we can get you a small lease in the countryside. But it’s getting worse. He didn’t explain why his annual salary is twice as high as his savings. It’s a wedding eve, and we’ll have a serious. The other thing is whether you’re going to serve your mother separately, or you’If you still have problems with debt payments and so on, it’s literally the worst. Most of all, if you’re a really good person, I wonder if you’re not telling the truth about your family history while you’re guessing.You should have given him a choice, explaining his clear facts and future plans. As I said before, he may pretend to confess his conscience at a time when he can no longer reverse the situation, or he may be trying to get help from his own boss and get help from himself.

These days, we live separately, and we don’t blame anyone at all. It’s better for everyone not to get married like you’re going to go to someone else’s house and get married like that. It’s not like a man’s neck is being hung up and pushed for marriage, but he’s going to go to a place where someone else’s family affairs are at stake and try to live with his family. That’s not true. They’re using it. They’re not going to do it any more if they know it out. If your boyfriend’s parents are well-behaved, they’ll be more eager to marry their son. We’re not in a world where women get married for nothing. It’s natural that your husband earns more money than you do, and the basic mindset of looking for things like that doesn’t fit into the real world these days. But there are still a lot of people who think like this.

A man may have chosen to be a man, but the circumstances are not so good.ᄋ The woman who comes home is comfortable for her, but she is hard to take care of her mother. a family environment in which one may not apply to one’s home after marriage at least after marriage Now that you’ve roughly opened up your own situation, you’ve agreed to help your parents only implicitly. Since she’s a gentle woman, I think she can act as a surrogate. Marry it or break it up if you don’t want to. Especially, it takes a lot of money for men to earn twice as much as their annual salary. I heard you’re in some kind of business, but aren’t you paying off your family debt? My mom is a god.That’s why I’m living without a name because of personal rehabilitation, etc.If it is a matter of grave importance and intent to continue to meet Sunny without opening up in detail, Nim should also consider the possibility that she may be an innocent fraudster who is playing a good man to hide a big problem, who is waiting only after marriage for a pregnant woman.

You have to have a conscience, leaving a man and a woman. When Holsimo got divorced and raised a son like that, how much effort did he put up with? But to be honest, if you know a woman like Sunny has this kind of problem, you don’t want to stop her son. If it’s the same specification, I wouldn’t say it. It’s not like getting married, it’s like getting married, but honestly, isn’t it something to thank your boyfriend for marrying you? If you live like that, you’re not happy, and you can’t get loved in that marriage. It’s over when the couple breaks up, but the parents and their children go all the way, and even when they die, they’re in a bloodline relationship.

By the way, why would I change my position and meet a man with a decent job in a comfortable family? I don’t know what your job is.If you have a girl who is a 9th grade 1st grade, about 160 years old, except for her job, most parents who have sons choose a 9th grade 1st grade woman. I think an annual salary of 3,000 is about 230 after the year.If it’s a girl’s salary, I think she changed her company a lot because she went to a small business or changed jobs frequently.Honestly, you know that you can’t meet a man who is relaxed, right? I admit the man’s situation isn’t good, but…I think you should know that it’s not a condition to meet a man who is relaxed without your parents’ help, so I’m leaving a comment that hits the bone.

In another story, she’s making more money, and the male side’s worried that there’s nothing to do with her parents-in-law, so I stopped her from getting married, but she hasn’t been keeping up with her mental mind lately. If you’re a couple with a huge wage gap, and you’re barely on the minimum wage, and you’re making a lot of money for your husband, there’s no reason for a man to marry you. You know, honestly, your parents don’t seem to know that much. If you’re worried about holismo, there’s a lot of insurance for caregivers, and these days, there’s a lot of products that are fully covered, and if you’re a Sunny Boy, you can do that. If you’re going to live with your parents and children, you’d better not do it to each other.

What’s the use of 7,000 won a year? I have a lot of money that’s leaking. I’ll tell you about the friends and wife. It’s a similar environment to ‘s. Women’s parents were ready for retirement and men weren’t ready for retirement. After getting married and giving allowance to male parents, my father had complications from diabetes and I had to pay for the hospital expenses. Of course, the women were in a good situation, so they didn’t take their pocket money, but after years of building up, I couldn’t help but feel better. If the husband takes care of his in-laws first, it will feel like a woman is not good for no reason and feels like a lifetime.So even if there’s a difference in the family, it’s low for the poor or the ordinary.Poverty is insurmountable. You’re not bringing in the pillars of the house.